About Us

About Us

3:05 pm by Tessa Bradford

Interactive Climbing


ARCADE is the first responsive light-up climbing technology with interactive climbing holds that dynamically respond to your movement. We’re changing the game of how we interact and train as a climbing community by creating fun and challenging experiences for all climbers.

“ARCADE improves your mental game as you move in response to the lights. This technology dramatically widens the number of problems at your fingertips. Plus, you can tailor your experience and train in a targeted way. Mind blown!

Jen Saito, Chicago resident and avid climber

The search for limitless potential and endless possibilities


Climbing is about more than just the vertical ascent. It’s a creative puzzle that expands your view of what’s possible. At ARCADE we’re in pursuit of a new type of climbing that reacts to the needs and movements of the climber. ARCADE is an interactive and responsive climbing technology that both challenges and excites while opening up more opportunities than you thought were possible.


Our responsive technology provides a whole new level of light-up interaction that changes your route, responds to your movement, and elevates your climbing experience. We are looking forward to sharing ARCADE with the greater climbing community.


World Changing Idea 2021
Fast Company