6:25 pm by Tessa Bradford

How The Technology Works


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Interactive technology

Responsive Holds

ARCADE climbing holds and volumes contain responsive sensors that are activated when pulled.


The initiated sensors can display your next climbing moves or route, the completion of a climb, or trigger an action as a part of a class or game.


Using the tablet controls, select your activity and display it up on the climbing wall. Choose from standard start to finish routes, guided training programs, classes, or games.

How the technology works

The Sensor


When a climber pulls on select holds, a calibrated sensor is initiated and the output is a variety of actions depending on the activity chosen. It could show the next moves of your route, confirm a send after completion, or trigger an action from a class or game.

The Climbing


ARCADE opens up a new world for route setters to set climbs, activities and programming on indoor climbing walls. What used to be a static environment has now expanded to many new dynamic applications:


  • Expansion of Route Libraries
  • Guided Training Programs
  • Climbing Classes
  • Youth Programming
  • Games